rasslin’ with my sensibilities …

I'm sure by now, most of you have probably heard of the demise of professional wrestler Chris Benoit.  Of course, information is still emerging, but apparently, police currently think that Chris first murdered his wife and son then hung himself.  Okay, that's extremely disturbing all by itself, but this morning I was surfing my way through MySpace (I know, for all of you cool early adopting tech people … it's so yesterday, but I'm a techno-snail so I'm just figuring out this whole social networking concept thingy …) … anyway … the part of this whole sordid tale is that there are TONS of "Chris Benoit Tribute Pages" that have been posted.  It might just be me, but shouldn't posting a tribute page to someone who allegedly has murdered his wife and child just strike people as something that is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG??? Now, I have been a professional wrestling fan since I was a little tyke (Saturday afternoons!!!), but as an adult I HAVE come to the understanding that it is, after all is said and done nothing more than "entertainment."  It just makes me confused that so many people have so thoroughly divorced themselves from reality that they cannot see that a woman and child are dead … probably by his hand and one just DOESN'T pay tribute to that. 

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7 thoughts on “rasslin’ with my sensibilities …

  1. first of all, do no use myspace! hee hee…second, I totally agree. But on WWE they had a memorial show until they learned (along with the rest of us) that the guy murdered his entire family. That is sad and just disturbing. But MySpace is lame like that. You should be on FaceBook!

  2. I forget where I read it, but there is some research being done on the socio-economic stratification happening with social networking sites. Apparently, by percentage, MySpace is becoming more Hispanic/African-American and Facebook is becoming more White/Asian. I've never seen Facebook so I don't have a personal observation … just thought that it'd be very interesting research …

  3. Yeah, the lovely and talented danah boyd wrote a piece about it. It's less about race and more about socioeconomic class (which I guess is about race in America).Re: WWE and Chris Benoit, last night Vince McMahon announced during the ECW show that they would not mention Chris Benoit's name on their programs anymore and will move on. It's so crazy. The details are gruesome. I don't have it in me to understand how someone gets to that point. He tied up and killed his wife and then killed his son with what they think is one of his patented grappling maneuvers. Benoit was, quite literally, the best technical pro wrestler of the last 20 years but you simply can't celebrate a guy with that kind of sociopathic violence in him.Even more crazy, one of his close wrestling friends had spent the night at their house just last week. How do you have people over for good times a few days before you slaughter your family?Ugh.

  4. MySpace vs. Facebook – I forgot to mention that we were JUST talking about that the other day.The wrestling murder – I did not read about that grappling move on his son. that is really crazy? and yes, how do you have someone come over for fun times and then kill your entire family? ewww…

  5. It is shocking what Benoit did to his family–but I think it was most likely "'roid rage". It certainly doesn't absolve him from what he did–but he's dead, so whaddaya want? He's paying for his wherever he is.

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