woe is me–all slinging has ended …

I now know how those scientists at NASA felt when their little Mars Rover-mobile that was supposed to last a few weeks, but defied the odds and kept on going and going like the Energizer Bunny, died and they could no longer connect and communicate with it.

Alas … my wonderful Slingbox toy has gone awol.  I was watching my LA cable through the whole Slingbox setup when without warning … it was gone.  All that I can seem to get now when I try to connect to my home Slingbox is an error message.  Sadly, I won't be home for another five weeks so until I can log into my network at home and figure out what is wrong, I might be out of luck for the rest of the summer.  I guess it could be a ton of things–the Slingbox itself, the cable modem might need to be reset, the cable box might me messed up … All that I know is that it isn't working.  Now, I realize that this post really is kind of like Paris Hilton having a hissy fit because she has to go to jail and all and some of you are thinking, "Hey you asshat, don't complain to us because you have to spend five weeks in Hawai'i without your cable …" but, you see, I have this thing about technology.  If I don't have it I'm fine with that, but when I have technology, it really makes me crazy when it doesn't work.  I am finding myself obessessively compulsively trying to log onto my Slingbox on the off chance that somehow it will have magically restored itself, but as you can guess, the magic restoration hasn't happened.

So anyway, thank you for letting me whine.  It is, after all, part of process of mourning.

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