at “home” in the islands …

I got home to Hawai'i just over a week ago and I had some pretty cool class reunion stuff to do, then I went out to stay at the Ko Olina Beach Club Resort on the west side of the island where a very generous bachelor uncle of mine purchased a luxury time share for my siblings and I to use.  My brother and his family went out for the first part of the week then when he went back to work S/O and I moved in.  We had the place to ourselves for a few days, then my three neices and nephew (aged 19 down to 6) came down and piled in.  I had a GREAT time. 

The 19 year old just finished her freshman year at Santa Clara and the other three will be entering grades 5, 2, and 1.  I can't believe that they're growing up so fast.  The odd thing is that I spend way more time with them now that I don't live here because since I'm "visiting" I get off my butt and make the effort to do stuff with them.  The resort has two great pools (one has a fake beach) and four beautiful salt water lagoons (also fake in that they are man made, but with real ocean water and sand).  My brother's kids are real fish.  They spent the ENTIRE TIME jumping from pool to jacuzzi and back we're talking 6-8 hours per day.  We watched DVDs–High School Musical, and they ate a lot.  Boy, feeding kids (even little ones) is pretty damned expensive.  We bought breakfast and lunch fixings at the market and went out for dinner, but even at that … kids are expensive!!!

The tourists and I lay out by the pool under the carefully manicured palm trees and I pretend that I don't know about the rather large population of homeless families living on the beach about three miles down the road (I used to teach many of the kids).  I mean, I know that this isn't real life.  It is nice, however, to live in a plastic world for a few days.  After a while the plastic beach resorts and Disneyland make me feel crazy in a Stepford kind of way, but you've got to admit, that it is nice to get away from Iraq, Paris Hilton, and Alberto Gonzalez for a few days at a time …

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