when children go deaf, (sometimes) blind, and lose mental faculties …

Ah … ye 'ole school year is just about done.  Yay!!!  It is the that wonderful time of year when edumacators and "students" alike are tired and worn out.  Unfortunately, it seems that it is under these very conditions that a mysterious disease sweeps its way through the student population causing much consternation for all involved.  In all other ways, the inflicted young 'uns look perfectly healthy and yet the symptoms of this insidious disease are unmistakable.  Children become DEAF, BLIND, and sometimes lose their ability to THINK as well!  I know this is true as just a few minutes ago I walked into the building with lots of books and young man was stuffing a freaking Snickers Bar into his 'ole pie hole!  He obviously was suffering from temporary blindness and had lost some of his mental faculties as "No food in the Li-berry" has been the rule for-EVER … and is written on numerous surfaces around the facility.  Said young man, then proceeded to put his empty wrapper on the table (being that I have done this job for a few moons, I know that, that wrapper was going to be mine to pick up in the long run …).  When he saw me watching him, he slowly digitally hoisted the wrapper and put it in his pocket pretending that it was just any 'ole piece'o rubbish.  Our eyes met across the crowded room and I signaled for him to haul his Snicker fed behind outside.  He, apparently, suddenly went blind!  I said (in a voice normally audible to humans), "Please head outside.  You know your not supposed to eat in here," but he apparently went suddenly deaf!  Believe it or not, I think that rather than being ill, he might have been trying to do that teenage thing where they go suddenly blind and deaf and ignore you when you're making them do something they don't want to do–hoping that you'll go away.  I used to fall for it, but I learned (from another librarian's blog) of the only treatment for the the affliction.  You have to yell, "HEY!  I'M TALKING TO YOU!  DON'T IGNORE ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!"  Thankfully, his deafness and blindness abated and his mental faculties returned.  Hallelujah!!!

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