those in the know …

I've posted here about the Federal No Child Left Behind Law, but the reality is that I haven't been teaching in a public school for a number of years now.  Recently, a group of teachers who were named "Teachers of the Year" in their home states were recognized at the White House for their professional excellence, effectiveness, and committment to children of the Nation.  This esteemed group of teachers went on to hold a press conference to outline ways that, as educators of recognized excellence, they feel NCLB should be modified.  As a group, they are far more qualified to make these points than I will ever be so please take a look and see what they have to share!

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One thought on “those in the know …

  1. NCLB was implemented my junior/senior year, and I just think it was a waste of paper. It didn't help any at all, because parents never got the reports. And if they did, they didn't know/didn't take the time to decipher them.

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