where or where did my paper go?

I live in an apartment building with 15 units.  My neighbors are mostly great.  I live amongst many young families with little kiddos.  I've watched the mommies in the building get preggers, push strollers through the halls, chase after toddlers, and eventually the littlies go off to schools where, I believe, most of the littlies are doing pretty well (at least a few are doing well enough to be in academic magnet schools).  In this utopian mix, however, there seems to be a morning newspaper miscreant who steals my paper if they get to it before I do in the morning.  Come on people … WTF???  To add insult to injury, the paper stealing rogue has begun leaving the  plastic bag that MY paper came in, on the floor of the lobby!!!  Luckily, I am an early riser so I usually get the Sunday paper.  I subscribe for Friday-Sunday delivery and frankly I don't really care if I miss Friday's or Saturday's papers, but if I ever catch ye old paper stealing asshat skulking away with my Sunday coupons and Target ad , believe me, "There's going to be some 'spaining to do!!!!"  Asshats!!!!

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2 thoughts on “where or where did my paper go?

  1. I totally understand!!!! The Sunday coupons and adds are almost death penalty warrented! PLUS they don't even have the decency to take the plastic so that YOU have to look like the jerk who litters! Hope you catch the little bas!#$%! lol

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