i click on things, then i feel stupid …

I love Vox, but I'm one of those people who is a sporadic explorer.  There are times when I have absolutely no interest in things, then for no reason whatsoever I get a bug up my butt and I have to explore something.  I tend, for example, to drive to work the SAME way every day, day after day, year in year out … suddenly, for no good reason at all, I'll get the irresistible urge to turn down a street that I've driven by without thought for years, just because I HAVE to find out where this street leads.  Well … my Vox page is like that.  I can look at this interface day after day as I post or read other people's posts without a thought, then I suddenly get that unmistakable urge to click on all kinds of stuff just to find out what they do!  This, you see, is the reason that I seem to have favorited two of my own posts!!!  WTF??? I'm thinking that there'll be a lot of people out there in vox land that are going to be thinking, "What a doofus!  This guy favorites his own stuff!"  Well, did you know that once you favorite something, you can't really seem to "un-favorite" it?  So anyway … if you followed some "Recently Favorited" link and ended up here, sorry!  

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2 thoughts on “i click on things, then i feel stupid …

  1. OMG! Too funny but I'll have to admit that I did that too when I first got started with Vox. I didn't really know what Favoriting was so I clicked onto it each time I thought I wanted to catagorize my own posts. I didn't know all of Vox could see what I was favoriting! Geeze, how embarrassing and I'm so gald to not be alone anymore! lol

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