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13 Little Blue Envelopes
Maureen Johnson

Maureen Johnson—13 Little Blue Envelopes

Ginny is 17 and she is happy, but average.  She wishes that she were interesting and adventurous, but for some reason she just doesn’t seem to have interesting and adventurous anywhere in her soul.  Average, though, becomes interesting and adventurous one day when Ginny takes delivery of a package from her free-spirited-artist-runaway-and-now-dead aunt.  According to the very strict and explicit rules outlined in the package Ginny is to bring:

  • only what she can fit into a backpack (no additional purse or carry-on)
  • no guidebooks, phrase books, or any kind of foreign language aids
  • no journals
  • no credit/debit cards
  • no travelers’ checks
  • absolutely no electronic crutches such as laptops, music, or cell phones


With the $1000 provided in the package Ginny learns that she is to purchase a ticket to London and only then can she open the first of 13 Little Blue Envelopes that her now deceased Aunt has left for her.  The letters send Ginny on a quest—crisscrossing Europe on a solo adventure of a lifetime!  A great read which will have you wondering which teen queen will get the opportunity to play Ginny in the movie adaptation—and there WILL be a movie adaptation of the great read at some point.  Guaranteed!

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