slingin’ amazing!!!

I got a new toy and it is slingin' amazing!!!  If you don't have a Slingbox from Sling Media, what the heck are you waiting for???  For those of you who are not TV savants like myself, let me explain … a Sling Box is a little box that you hook up to your cable box and your broadband router.  Install some software and "POOF!"  You can control your cable box and watch TV on your computer.  You might be asking yourself, "Why in the hell would you want to watch TV on your computer when you can watch TV on your freakin' TV?"  Here's the thing, you can watch your home cable line up ANYWHERE YOU HAVE BROADBAND ACCESS!!!  This is very important to me, you see, because I spend just about my entire summer vacation on the road (no, I'm not rich … just dumb and lucky).  While on the road, I have ready broadband access, but only basic or sub-basic (only the broadcast channels) cable line ups.  I know what you're thinking … "Who the heck pays for cable, but gets the package where you can only watch clear feeds of broadcast channels???" and believe me, I know what you mean.  In fact I didn't even know that you COULD subscribe to a "sub-basic" package … Anyway … for $149, I can now enjoy my cable programing. I love TV, but most of the shows I watch are high up on the cable dial … HGTV, Fine Living, TLC, DIY … I'll be in TV-savant heaven this summer!!! Aside from it's truly life changing capabilities, one of the best things about the Slingbox is that, remarkably, it really is as easy to set up as the side of the box says it is.  It is as close to plug-and-play as wonderful gadgets get these days.  Yay for Sling Media!  You guys ROCK!!! 

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