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D.L. Garfinkle—Storky:  How I Lost My Nickname and Won the Girl


Michael “Storky” Pomerantz is a freshman.  He’s tall, has a shock of curly hair on his head, and is skinny.  He’s been known as “Storky” for a good many years—a nickname he’s very much hoping to outgrow in high school.  Storky keeps a journal on an old computer in his room and he’s generously shared the journal of his freshman year with the rest of us in the form of this book.  His best friend since elementary school is a girl named Gina the spend a lot of time together, often playing scrabble and such, but their time together has dwindled significantly since Gina started dating an older guy who is on the football team no less—Hunk.  On top of all of this high school drama, Storky’s mom and dad have gotten divorced.  His weekly visits with his dad (and his dad’s rather continual parade of new and young girlfriends) are even more torturous than the fact that his mom has just started dating the family dentist—Dr. Vermin!  A bit standard and formulaic, but written well enough so that you do hope that Storky gets to lose the nickname AND get the girl! 

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