current events make me sad …

I've been a bit of a news junkie ever since I was in elementary school.  At the beginning of school each day, students had to share a summary of a current event.  Monday was my current events day and for some reason I found it incredibly empowering to share my current event.  I think that it might be that, that is when I discovered that I could actually read and understand the newspaper and it made me feel very grown-up.  Well, I have decided that I'm tired of being a grown up.  I mean, is it just me or is the news just incredibly depressing these days? 

I took a road trip this weekend and I stopped at Manzanar (the "War Relocation Center" for people of Japanese origin during WWII) and it made me think that as much as Americans like to believe that things like the internment of the Japanese in America could "never happen again." I'm pretty sure that if a big attack similar to Pearl Harbor were to occur that, things would be very bad for Muslims in America.  Mind you, I'm a very fearful person and I like feeling safe in my everyday life, but some of the things that are happening just scare the hell out of me!!!    This just came across my desktop.  Fascist America, in 10 Easy Steps by Naomi Wolf.  Read it, its scary!  It's all so sad! 

And what's up with George Tenet coming out and criticizing Dubya's push to go to war now?  Dude, where was your larynx BEFORE we went to Iraq?  Am I supposed to think that you're all brave for speaking out now when you have a book deal?  Risking your job to publicly speak the truth BEFORE we went to war was what we needed.  Now you're just shopping your book around. 

Rupert Murdoch wants to buy the Wall Street Journal.  YIKES!

If this makes you sad too, you can watch this …


If you're not into video, try the News That's Fun to Print.  It'll make you feel a little better.


Okay … so, I just got home and I HAVE to add an addendum to this post.

I just watched a segment on CNN about how former N.J. Governor James McGreevey is going to enter the seminary.  OMG, you asshat … just give it a rest!  And CNN and all other media outlets … just ignore the man!!!  It really irritates me that everyone will remember him as the Governor who had to resign because he was gay.   Geez … as it turns out when you look at the history of his administration, his administration was pretty screwed up and corrupt.  But it's all about being gay.  And, of course, he went into rehab right after resigning … 

What's that about??? Outed as gay?  Go to rehab … Call someone a some politically incorrect nasty name for gay on the set of a popular doctor show?  Go to rehab … Go wacko and shave your head?  Go to rehab … (Well, okay … Brit probably needed to go to rehab … but you get the main idea, right?). 

Here's the thing, how long do you think it will be before Alec Baldwin (Mr.I-think-that-I-might-want-to-run-for-political-office-some-day-but-that's-all-screwed-up-now-because-I-said-some-really heinious-things-to-my-11-year-old-daughter-and-now-nobody-will-vote-for-me-because-I'm-truly-an-asshat) announces he's going into rehab?

Now the heat's on Paul Wolfowitz and the A.G.  Maybe they'll be able to share a room with Alec and James at Betty Ford …

Asshats … I swear … all of 'em are such asshats!!!  <Sigh>

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