just so you know …

Brady Kids
Ugly Betty

Based upon this blog, I know that it seems like I like everything that I read.  I guess, to some extent, that is true.  If a book doesn't catch my attention by page 25, IT'S DEAD TO ME!!!  There are just too many other good books out there waiting to be read for me to slog through some ole' piece 'o literary crap.  I'm sorry, just because lots of smart people think has something has "literary merit" doesn't mean that it is worth reading.   I mean, did your English teachers make you read Faulkner?  Hello …?  WTF is that about???  It's all just run on sentences and really bad pronoun reference disguised as "literary merit!"  What a load of crap-ola!!!  By the way, I won't be reading much tonight because Ugly Betty is on.  If, however, it is a re-run, I taped (old school here, no TIVO) the TVLand Awards Show!  Yay … !!!  I work in a building with a lot of books and I like to read, but come on people!!!  If you could either watch Ugly Betty or the now grown up Brady Kids performing their lengendary songs and choreography, would you be reading?  I think not!

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