appreciating your family …

I know I've been quietly bookish of late, but I just haven't been in the mood to think which then makes it hard to have anything to say and when one has nothing to say, it's a challenge to post something to a blog everyday.  As I was on my way home from Target earlier today, however, I had a bit of an epiphany.  I called my brother and got his phone mail message.  The epiphany that I got as a result is this–I really like my family.  Okay, sometimes we get on each others' nerves (I don't get on their nerves, of course, since I'm perfect … and people don't get irritated by perfection), but ultimately, I realized that my mom and my siblings are all really nice people.  I talk to my mom every week and although she has her moments, she's everything one could hope for in a mom–very little drama.  She calls things as she sees them and ultimately she wants all of us to be happy people.  My siblings are both really genuinely nice people as well.  When I was growing up, I always wanted to be one of the Brady Bunch kids and to tell you the truth, I think that I'd pretty much still find that a really groovy trip, but if I can't be Bobby Brady (after he lost the fat on Celebrity Fit Club) then I'd have to say that I pretty much scored with the family that I happened to get.  For a kind of cynical person like me coming to realizations like these do quite a bit to enhance one's moods.  It's nice when you can appreciate your family!

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One thought on “appreciating your family …

  1. that's what a realized after my dad passed away. My family, though a bit odd and at times we all get on each others nerves) I love them.It's nice to know that that's a normal feeling because sometimes it seems like people just have bad relationships with their family and honestly, that always weirds me out a bit.

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