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Melissa Kantor—If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where’s My Prince?

Some day her prince will come!  High school sophomore, Lucy Norton, is pretty sure that her prince must be somewhere just over the horizon.  After all, just like Cinderella, Lucy already has: a dead mother, a wicked stepmother, two evil stepsisters, and no friends.  With all of that “going” for her, all Lucy’s missing to complete the picture is her prince!  Lucy’s widowed father has re-married and since Lucy’s two evil stepsisters cannot be expected to live their lives outside of the three mile radius surrounding the robust shopping district near their Long Island, New York home, she has been uprooted from her San Francisco home and has moved into her evil stepmother’s home. To make matters worse Lucy’s father, an attorney, was supposed to have moved two short weeks after Lucy, but his big case has kept him in San Francisco for months leaving Lucy at the mercy of her new “family.”  Just as Lucy begins to think that her Cinderella-like existence will never end, she catches the eye of none other than Connor Pearson, star of the basketball team and absolutely hottest guy in the senior class.  Things are looking up for Lucy—even without a fairy godmother in the picture.  A fun read, with more pages devoted to the characters’ fashionista sensibilities than I personally cared to know, but overall an enjoyable beach read. 

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