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Hit the Road
Caroline B. Cooney

Cooney, Caroline B. – Hit the Road


Parents may be a pain, but grandparents … grandparents are great.  At least that’s what high school junior, Brit, thinks.  Brit absolutely adores her elderly grandmother—Nannie.  Unfortunately, Brit’s mom thinks that Nannie is “losing her marbles” so Brit’s mom cuts up Nannie’s driver’s license and sells Nannie’s car.  When Brit’s parents decide to take a vacation into the wilds of Alaska, Brit is dropped off at Nannie’s house for a restful two week stay.  Little do they know that Nannie is not going to go down without a fight.  Determined to get to her sixty-fifth (and probably final) college reunion with three of her closest friends, Nannie rents a van and plans to take off on a three-state road trip picking up “the girls,” Nannie’s college roommates—Florence, Aurelia, and Daisy along the way.  After the nearly blind Nannie demolishes a few hedges and rose bushes in the yard fronting the house, Brit is recruited to put her newly minted eleven day old license to use as chief chauffeur.  The zany tale that ensues finds Brit embroiled in the slow motion kidnapping of an octogenarian and driving at terrifying speeds on freeways that she’s never heard of.  Along the way, as she listens and watches Nannie and the girls, Brit comes to understand the wonderful gift of friendship and loyalty.

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