on the d-word …

Gary Paulsen

A message came through on a listserv that I'm on which, for some reason, disturbed me immensely!  A list member asked if anyone could recommend a book for students in the fourth grade to read as part of a unit of study with the theme of "survival."  Apparently, the fourth grade classes have traditionally read a children's book called Hatchet by Gary Paulson, about a boy who, after a small plane crash, has to survive in the wilderness using his wits and a … Hatchet … Get it?  Anyway a parent group apparently doesn't like the book because there is passing mention about the boy's parents' d-word* which apparently involved an a-word**.  Now, granted, I do not know the complete circumstances, but I mean COME ON PEOPLE!!!  I fully believe that if the parent's group is unhappy with the book, that they should have an opportunity to bring that issue to the school administration and go through the process of asking for a review.  If my (hypothetical) fourth grade child was reading a teacher assigned fiction book for a class that said that the Holocaust is a fraud that didn't really happen, I think that I might be inclined to ask for a meeting to hear why this book is being studied.  I might want to ask for an alternate assignment or to understand how another point of view was going to be presented, but to challenge a book because of the d-word?  What the are these people thinking?  Half the heterosexual couples that get married lie to God and/or the Priest and/or the judge and end up getting d-worded!!! I haven't read Hatchet in years, but I don't remember ANYTHING about the kid's parent's d-word based on an a-word.  It was all about cool adventure in the woods of Canada with a freakin' ax!  Just wait 'til those kids get into the eighth grade and finally get to read Hatchet!  They're gonna be so bummed that they waited all those extra years to get their hands on that salacious text, and it turns out to be the d-word and the a-word. They'll be so G#%@*ED F#&%ING disappointed that they'll S*&% in their pants!

Just in case you didn't get it …     *d-word=divorce    **a-word=affair

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One thought on “on the d-word …

  1. I wonder if they even read the books. Hello, like divorce does not happen? affairs do not happen? and in the fourth grade kids do not go through this? where the heck is this place because they are trying to put blinders on their children.

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