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Dairy Queen
Catherine Murdock

Have you ever thought about what it is like to be a cow?  More than anything in life, Darlene Joyce Schwenk, D.J., doesn't want to be a cow.  No, we're not talking about D.J. being a real cow with four legs and udders, but neither are we talking about being a "cow" in mean girl middle school vernacular either.  D.J. lives in the small town of Redbend, Wisconsin.  Everyone around her, everyone she knows, does exactly what they are supposed to do without ever questioning it and without ever wondering if they could or should be doing something different.  To D.J., who lives on a dairy farm, this is acting just like cows do. Cows do what they're told without even thinking about it.  Well, D.J. doesn't want to be a cow!  D.J. comes from a long and illustrious line of football playing greats.  Her dad was a coach and her two older brothers were huge on field stars.  A very good family friend, who happens to be head football coach at the hated rival school in the next town, asks D.J. to spend the summer using her rather extensive knowledge of football and training to train his quarterback.  D.J. reluctantly agrees and all is well until she starts falling in love with her "traninee," her best friend who is a girl asks if D.J. will be her "girlfriend," and D.J. suddenly develops a strong desire to go out for the football team herself!  This girl is definitely not destined for life as a cow!  Most definitely a great and very fun read!

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