wow …

Holy smokes!  I just got back from the appointment with my tax lady.  Geez, I sure do have to pay a crapload of money to governments all over the place.  I pay taxes to the Federal Government and two different States and you know … I know that nothing comes for free, but geez, I seem to have to pay a LOT of money for those roads that I drive on and that nuclear aresenal that protects me from Ivan and all the rest of his commie hooligan friends… Oh wait, they're gone, huh??? Those guys at the airport who carefully inspect my carry on and one time were so careful they even made me surrender my eyedrops and lip balm (of course the other ten times I've flown it just went through and nobody ever asked so …  Those guys at the airport who carefully inspect my bags, who make all of us Americans FEEL more secure, but when they're only catching your lip balm and eye drops one out of ten times ya' gots ta' wonder just how much safer you ACTUALLY are … So anyway, I don't have a great financial mind, but it would appear that the Bush tax cuts aren't helping me a whole lot.  On the other hand, they might be helping me a whole lot, but because I'm a financial Bambi, I don't know it and if the Dems manage to let said tax cuts expire, maybe I'll have to pay a LOT more.  Geez, being a financial Bambi, really puts you at a disadvantage because you don't know if you should be a greedy-selfish-conservative Republican or a free-spending-crazy-liberal Democrat. When you don't know who you should identify with, you just end up feeling like you're getting screwed by both.  So … how much tax do you think I'd owe if I won $100 million in the Super Lotto?  I've got to start playing every week, after all if I win the big one I'll be able to pay this tax bill off!  No problem!!!  Ah … isn't the American Dream wonderful?  Each and every one of us has an equal opportunity to wrap ourselves in our denial and believe that we'll be rich some day … God bless the USA!  (And okay, so I have to pay a lot and I'm feeling sorry for myself for a while, but it isn't, like, the cost of a day's expenses in Iraq kind of numbers … it's more like … the cost of that really nice HDTV that I won't be watching now … and Significant Other likes to point out that we're lucky that we have the means to pay it and that the more you pay, the more you're making so that's a good thing … blah, blah, blah … Those optimististic types can really killjoys sometimes …). <Sigh>  

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