QotD: My Favorite Greasy Spoon

What is your favorite greasy spoon?
Submitted by S@ngarang.

If I am completely honest about this I'd have to say, Norm's on La Cienega in West Hollywood.  I know, however, that there are the greasy spoon snobs out there who's response would be, "Eeeeewwwww … a chain greasy spoon?  What kind of loser are you?"  So I will pretend to be the cool type of dude who looks at Gap and Target shoppers with disdain and say that my favorite greasy spoon is Joey's Cafe (Link via MenuPix.com) in West Hollywood.  Cool interior, Attitude-less wait staff, and good pancakes (made from Krusteaz mix just how I like … I saw them hauling HUGE bags of it into the kitchen one weekend).  

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