hooky is so great …

I got paid to play hooky yesterday.  I got to go to a workshop on literature for young adults–What's New In Young Adult Literature and How to Use it In Your Program.  I have to say, there is something incredibly wonderful about getting to play hooky so that you can sit around and eat lots of fat and carbs and drink all the coffee and tea you can manage to down while someone tells you good stories all day long!  OMG!  Let me tell you, it is heaven!  Meanwhile back at the ranch, my co-workers were toiling about in the big building with lots of books and lots of young people making lots of noise.  We do that every day, but as one third of the kids had a major project due yesterday, I heard that it was quite the mad house. In case you have never had the good fortune to experience it first hand, let me assure you, there is nothing quite like being in a big building with lots of books with oodles and oodles of young adult people having nervous breakdowns because they have a project due.  It matters not, that said young people had three weeks to work on this project.  All that matters is that those three weeks are now fffffftttttt and said young people are starting on the project forty minutes before it is due.  It never ceases to amaze me that young people don't seem to get the idea that their failure to plan just does not constitute an emergency on the part of the li-berry staff.  I try not to be heartless, but I mean there are 270 people using these sources … so although in many ways li-berrians are truly mystical magical creatures … "I ain't no Annie Sullivan here so don't expect me to make miracles happen."  The feeling I get is probably best summed up with something I once overheard our wonderfully kind and tactful library assistant tell a panic stricken young lady just before a previous project deadline loomed large, "Sweetie, the project is due tomorrow.  I don't know where the book is …"  All in all, I think it was quite fortuitous that I got to go to the conference on this particular day.  The bummer for my co-workers (that would be you Scooter Kitty … hee, hee, hee) is that while they were pulling adolescent minds back from the precipice of total collapse, I spent the hour and fifteen minutes they gave us for lunch eating my sub sandwich on a bluff overlooking the beach and harbor on a crystal clear 75 degree afternoon.  Ah yes … hooky is just the best!  

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