dancin’ (not) in the streets …


We had a preview of a student dance concert during an assembly this morning.  I must say, the girls (they all happened to be girls this year) were really incredible.  We are a seventh through ninth grade campus and the level of excellence that our kids achieve is really mind boggling!  With the guidance of the dance teacher, they pick the music, choreograph the dances, and do the dancing.  The show's lighting and effects are also student designed and run.  Our dance teacher is very young and she just does a great job with the program.  I'm not exactly young, but I'm also not exactly a prude either (in my job I don't fret a whole lot about buying books with words like "scrotum" or books with "on page sexual situations" in them), but I do have to say, that the previous dance teacher while also very good sometimes had our young adults dancing a bit too much like much less young adults than I was completely comfortable with.  There is something disturbingly disconcerting about an eighth grader writhing on stage in what to me (I hope that I'm not sounding like a total perv here …) seemed a lot like simulated sex …  I mean, geez, come on people!!!  If I was the father of an eighth grader, I would have found some of the previous teacher's choreography completely disturbing! 

But enough about that … In today's preview, the girls performed incredibly well.  Everything was polished, fresh, modern (they weren't dancing the Can-Can in bloomers for goodness sake), but also thoroughly age appropriate and without the overt sexuality that can easily be pervasive in performances by young people.  It is so great to see young people doing great things … and it isn't all about sex, sex, sex … And, yes, I know I am sounding like the old fart that I am.  And no, I'm not the cultural prude police … but I'm also so happy when our kids get to be kids for just a little while longer …

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2 thoughts on “dancin’ (not) in the streets …

  1. I am so glad you posted this! I always feel like the prude for having a problem with this too! When my neice was taking dance, their dance project was based on "Chicago" (and if you've ever seen it play or movie, you'll know that it's pretty much ALL adult situations). She was 11 at the time and although I was impressed with all of the girls performances (I actually had tears of pride! lol) I was mortified to see her "writhe" on stage! My brother (her Dad) had a HUGE problem with this too. They don't let us see what the kids are doing in these dance classes until they're finished and we get to see the recital! I don't think you sound like a perv at all! How can you NOT notice what they're doing? You'd have to be blind. I'm also happy to hear that a young person (your dance instructer) is steering away from this kind of promiscuitive dancing! Good job for the kids AND the teacher!

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