one born every minute?

I stopped at the neighborhood Walgreens on the way to work this morning.  I recently discovered that said Walgreens has a drink fountain where I can get a 44oz. Caffeine Free Diet Coke for $1.00!  This was a very exciting discovery!  Anyway, in the parking lot this morning I was approached by a nicely dressed woman who appeared to be quite flustered.  She asked if I had AAA (which I do), but I told her that unfortunately, "No, I did not have AAA service."  She explained that she was an eighth grade teacher at a school nearby and she showed me a driver's license.  Her car had broken down around the corner and she needed to have it towed.  Beverly asked if she might be able to borrow $21.00 in order to have enough to have her car towed.  I normally am a rather cynical skeptic of a guy, but this time around I just had a feeling that it is something that I should take a chance on doing.  I gave Beverly my address (at work) so that she could re-pay me for the loan.  So … Do you think I was a sucker or will Beverly come through?  I'm betting that she is legit and she's going to come through.  If she scammed me, than I wish a pox on her house and that locusts will swarm and eat the eyeballs out of her head.  Hey … I may be a bit naive and I may be gullible, but I ain't a Saint for goodness sakes … Come on Beverly, allow me to continue to have faith in the people of our fair city … I'm counting on you!

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