what does it say?

The Fountainhead
Ayn Rand

Okay, so my co-hort in crime here in the big building with lots of books and lots of young people making lots of noise, Scooter Kitty, put up a really great bulletin board (or as I sometimes call it, the "bull bored") called, "Judging a Book By Its Cover."  She had each member of the big book building staff pick book covers that appealed to them and she made copies of them and put them up.  Next to each set of covers, she had us explain  why we picked the covers we did.  My question is, "What does it say about you when seventh and eighth graders are a LOT more sophisticated than you?"  Take for instance, the cover from the Fountainhead here.  Our eighth grader says, "The stark imagery and symbolic portrait of man make for an iconic cover."  Geez … what the hell is that about???  This isn't some strange, geeky, brainiac, recluse who hangs with the li-berriens.  This is a kid who plays water polo and has lots of friends and a social life and everything …

I, on the other hand, chose The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things.  My reason?  "You just HAVE to read a book called, 'The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things."  You do!  You just do!  It just makes me realize that I'm just as much of a dork as when I actually was when I was in the eighth grade.  At least I'm a happier dork than I was back then. 

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One thought on “what does it say?

  1. LOL! Ok, I cannot take credit for that because it was ML. But I'm just implementing it.
    But I know! Did you read that other kid's entry? "the apocalyptic carousel and demonic green …blah blah blah"
    My entry –
    "fake blood – enough said"
    I should have just wrote – "it's pretty."
    I feel like such an idiot!

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