one great, one just so-so …

I just finished two books–one was great, one was just so-so (even though it is from one of my favorite YA authors).  A Child Called "It" is author, Dave Pelzer's, memoir about the years he spent growing up and living with his extraordinarily abusive mother.  I had seen a little buzz about the book on a listserv to which I belong, but I finally picked it up and gave it a read when it was recommended to me by a young man who is a frosh at the place where I spend a lot of time in the building with lots of books and lots of young people making lots of noise.  The abuse described is painful and completely distressing to read, but Pelzer very skillfully infuses his story with a determined sense of hope.  He is able to convey hope throughout even the worst parts of his tale, yet never makes the reader feel like it is an ABC Afterschool Special or an episode of Blossom.  What a read!  Don't miss this one!  I also finished

Pete Hautman

Sweetblood, by Pete Hautman who is one of my very favorite YA writers right now.  Unfortunately, this one didn't do much for me.  I didn't care much for the main character, Lucy Szabo so the book just felt like a bit of a slog … "blah, blah, blah … Lucy doesn't like that she is a diabetic … blah, blah, blah … she's goth, but not goth … blah, blah, blah …"  It just kind of went on and on.  If you haven't read anything by Hautman, do yourself a favor and start with either Godless or Invisible–both are MUCH better.

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