nyc under a golden star …

Last time …  During our last trip, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  We went to New York to close on our condo only to find out that our mortgage broker dropped the ball and our loan didn't go through.  We ended up leaving the city without completing our closing (which was THE reason for going).  On top of that, it seemed that every restaurant we chose was mediocre AND expensive all at once.  Fun times … NOT!
This time … 
This time around, everything that could possibly go right, did go right!  We got to LAX for

our flight two hours ahead of time and found out that we could get on the earlier flight that was loading just as we arrived. When we got to Kennedy, the taxi line was about 150 people long with cabs arriving once every five minutes. We decided to take the subway even though it was 11:00pm and we made every train and bus without more than a 5 minute wait. On Saturday, we met with our potential renters and we found an absolute gem!  Graphic Artist Girl

came by and completely charmed Significant Other and I.  Before signing the lease she wanted some time to think about the committment.  After she left, Significant Other and I crossed all of our fingers and toes that she would be the one.  She called back in an hour and is now our renter!  Because we had our renter, we got to play for the rest of the weekend.  We saw a fun play, got to party with my people in Chinatown,

and had wonderful dinner with a good friend on the Lower East Side (for cheap!).  On our last day there, I went out to do laundry and somehow lost my gloves on the way back.  An hour later as Significant Other and I were headed down to the subway station to head home, I came upon one of my gloves in the middle of the street! Significant Other spotted my other glove in the street a few yards down.  What are the odds that I would find my beloved gloves in the middle of a major street an hour after they'd been dropped?  It truly was like living life under a golden star! 

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One thought on “nyc under a golden star …

  1. Too funny about the gloves! I wouldn't have guessed you'd have ever found them again! Good sign:) I really wish you well with the new renter. It sounds like she'll make you and your s/o happy:)

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