kung hee fat choy …


Happy New Year to all!  The significant other and I have found a renter.  Yay for us!  Our renter seems like an absolutely great young woman (remember that I'm a fatalist, though, so let's all cross our fingers and toes that six months from now I'm not writing a post about how our renter has been using our New York place as a meth kitchen or something similarly horrible).  I'm actually really certain that she is what she seems–a really great young person that is excited about the adventure that a life well lived should be.  I have some pictures of her and our condo that I want to use in posts so I'll tell ya'll about them some other time.  Actually, she's renting the place to share with her boyfriend so we really have two renters …

Since we got a renter signed on early in the process, we got to play for the whole day today. We went into Manhattan and I got to make my pilgrimage to the H&M store on 5th Avenue.  The significant other and I discovered H&M on one of my first trips to New York and it was my East Coast secret until last year when they opened a store in Los Angeles.  I was originally quite excited about their Los Angeles presence until I realized that now when I walk around in my inexpensive, but oh so stylish clothes, people avert their eyes and think, "Gee, I saw that shirt that he's wearing on the sale rack at H&M yesterday.  That shirt cost $9.90).  At least people in Hawaii don't know my H&M secret yet.  I figure that I'll be able to fool price tag snobs in Hawaii for at least a few more years. 

After my H&M pilgrimage, we went to see Spamalot.

It was a lot of fun, but the year that Spamalot won the Tony Award for best musical, the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee was also nominated. I saw that show in the first week of its run, and in my humble opinion, Spelling Bee is a MUCH better show (but then, I don't vote for anything so nobody really gives a rip what my opinion is). 

After the show we had a few hours before we were going to meet up with a friend for dinner so we went down to Chinatown to look for bargains and take part in the Chinese New Year festivities.  Boy, the Chinese in New York really know how to put on a bash of epic proportions.  I have some pictures of the celebraton's aftermath.  We're talking a CRAPLOAD of confetti.  New York's Chinatown, though, is really something to experience.  Hong Kong itself, is really the only place that I've ever visited that has a similar feeling of vibrancy and sheer energy.  I'll post some pictures of my Chinatown adventure that I took myself when I get home.  Until then, kung hee fat choy everybody!


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