life in the big apple …

The significant other and I are back in the Big Apple for the Presidents' Day Weekend.  Our main mission is to find a renter who will live in our Brooklyn condo.  Our plan is to keep one of the bedrooms open for us to use as a vacation property so we'll be sharing the space with our tenant when we are in town.  Because of this, the significant other did an extremely thorough job of vetting the potential tenants with whom we are going to meet.  Applicants were screened for niceness factor first and then with all the other normal tenant screening stuff as well.  We just finished meeting with the second applicant and I have to say that significant other did a great job of vetting.  Both people have been fantastic and both have loved the apartment itself, the fact that the neighborhood is predominantly Jamaican-American and African-American has caused both to want to pause and think about signing the lease, but I'm feeling really good about the prospects of finding a renter before we leave town on Monday afternoon.  I suspect that the late twenty-year-old woman with whom we just finished meeting might end up being the one.  I think she'd be a great choice.  She's young and seems vibrant and open-minded to life.  She reminds me a lot of significant other's neices to both also live in the city. Just to clarify, the picture of the Brooklyn Bridge is NOT the view from our condo.  If I'm correct, I think that this picture probably was taken from an area called Brooklyn Heights.  The area is incredible!  Great shops, great restaurants, beautiful brownstones, and INCREDIBLY high prices (to give you an idea, the Huxtables from the Cosby Show lived in Brooklyn Heights)!  We aren't made of gold, so we bought a condo in an area called Flatbush.  It is much less gentrified (and therefore in our price range).  We don't have a view of the water so, of course, Flatbush will never be Brooklyn Heights, but my big hope (mostly for the selfish sake of our pocketbooks) is that our area will, in a few years, lose some of its rougher edges and gain some of Brooklyn Heights' cache.  I do have to say, however, the neighborhood has it's a kind of cool sense of color and a nice vibe.  The people are working class, but very friendly and I wouldn't want to see that all disappear and get replaced by clothing stores and restaurants I can't afford to shop and eat at. I have my digital camera and laptop, but I didn't expect to have any net access so I didn't bring my camera's download cord.  I'd have loved to share some photos of the trip while I'm here, but alas … it'll have to wait. 

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