i think my job is making me nutz …

Okay, so do you ever have those moments at work when you are faithfully completing a task that on the surface makes perfect sense to you and you realize, "Gee, why am I doing this?  I'm fairly certain that a normal human being probably wouldn't be doing this …"  I had that moment at work today.  In the large building where I work (the one with lots of books and lots of young people making lots of noise) we get the issues of the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times.  New  issues of the paper go onto those long newspaper sticks that look like the practice swords used in the Japanese martial art of kendo (but I digress …) so that the adults who come into our building (with lots of books and lots of kids making lots of noise) won't make off with the sports sections of both papers by 8:10am. We keep old issues of the papers for two months–past month and current month in a periodical storage area, so each morning the papers come off of the kendo sticks and get placed in the storage area.  We have a new temporarty assistant in the library who is really great and is wonderful to have, but she is not a "put-the-paper-in-order-and-fold-it-neatly-before-you-put-it-on-the-storage-shelf" kind of gal (and to tell you the truth she intimidates me so it's not like I'm gonna say anything).  Anyway … being that we are now mid-way thorough the month of February, I have valiantly avoided redoing her work and refolding the newspapers on the shelf for two weeks, but alas … I had a weak moment and collapsed this afternoon.  I spent 40 minutes putting the papers in order and re-folding them so that pages weren't sticking out and papers could be stacked in a much less "Picasso-esque"

kind of way.  The neat stack made me feel much better, but the realization that my job could well be making me an even bigger freak that I already am kind of made it a bit of a wash in the end.  All isn't lost, however, Thursday is Ugly Betty night … Yay!

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One thought on “i think my job is making me nutz …

  1. oh my gosh. I thought I was alone in feeling that intimidation. Good. And you know, librarianship really lends itself to letting people hang on even more tightly to our own little quirks. 2 months though. That's really good. Ok, you have to tell me if I am doing anything annoying. Like hanging my swimsuit in the office to drive or leaving countless empty bottles of water on my desk.

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