just finished …

7 Deadly Wonders
Matthew Reilly

I just finished reading 7 Deadly Wonders by Mathew Reilly.  The blurb from the book jacket quotes Publishers Weekly''s description of Mathew Reilly as a "pedal-to-the-metal action novelist" and without a doubt that is what he is!  The book details a torrid three way race between the evil forces of the United States; the wicked forces of the European Union powers; and the good guys–a unit of representatives from a coalition of tiny nations.  The competing groups seek to possess a Golden Capstone that must be placed atop the Great Pyramid at Giza during the period when the Tartarus Sunspot aligns itself with the Earth.  Control of the Golden Capstone during the alignment, which occurs just once every 4,500 years, bestows immense power to the controlling party and averts a calamitous near destruction of the Earth.  While action packed, I found the plot required more suspension of disbelief than even I was willing to invest.  Reilly's style was so unrelentingly  fast paced that I yearned for section or two where I could catch my breath as a reader.  Definitely not my favorite read of all time, but I can see it might make for a very popular read with some of my middle school boys.

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