um, helloooooo!!!

I came across this story on the Techdirt blog titled … "Shoud Judges Cite Wikipedia?"  I mean, HELLOOOOOO!!!  If seventh grade middle schoolers shouldn't cite Wikipedia for their Supreme Court case research projects (Two paragraphs, note cards and bibliography required, a minimum of three sources–two of which must be print–Thank you very much!), then what the hell are JUDGES doing citing it?  I mean, okay, I love Wikipedia for getting me the information that I need when I want to know what, Julie, the Mormon girl from the Real World–New Orleans is doing now, but geez … These people went to law school?   And passed the bar?  And cite Wikipedia?  Come on people!!!

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One thought on “um, helloooooo!!!

  1. HA HA HA! Excuse me and the CEO of Wikipedia says to NOT and I repeat NOT cite Wikipedia as a source. How can judges cite wikipedia? I know a guy who failed an MLIS program because he cited Wikipedia. Geez, people…thank goodness we teach kids about website reliability.

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