sesame street’ll be full of pot holes … we can’t let this happen! come on people!


According to this article on, the President is proposing steep cuts in PBS funding.  Apparently, according to some at PBS, the proposed cuts would be quite devastating to PBS programming.  I would hate to see my options for news narrowed in any way.  It is made even worse, however, when I think that some day I may have no choice except to get my TV news from organizations that mobilize huge platoons of reporters to do "extended live team coverage" on the death of Anna Nicole Smith; report about the President's National Guard service without adequate research; or recklessly repeat allegations that Barack Obama was indoctrinated into fundamentalist Islam in a Madrassa as a young boy. 

So What Do We Do? 

I really don't know what we should do.  I'm not exactly a "carry-a-sign-around-and-lay-down-in-the-street-and-block traffic-until-someone-listens" kind of guy, but Doug Johnson has some good ideas on his Blue Skunk Blog in his entry called, "The Shy Person's Guide to Lobbying."  At the very least I can write a letter my Representatives and Senators.  Take a look at the Contacting the Congress site if you need help figuring out who you need to contact.

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