teachin’ kids about Internet responsibility …

it's a jungle out there, kids!

Many of us who work in schools spend a lot of time wringing our hands over how to get kids to be safer online.  Apparently, at least part of the message seems to be getting through if this Pew Internet & American Life Project survey that was highlighted in an article in the School Library Journal is right.  Apparently, Adolescents Aren't That Stupid After All according to another article in SLJ that goes on to explain that, "Teens actually weigh the pros and cons of bad decisions and decide it’s worth the risk."

so then, what's next?

I don't want to come off as overly jaded (I really am glad that our message to "be safe" is getting out there … at least so some of them), but where do we go from here?  Struan at The Tree House blog sounds like he may be pointing the way when he asks the great question, "Where in the school curriculum do students learn about libel laws?"  It's a short one worth the time for any tech educators out there.


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