Hello world. I have arrived … (There goes the neighborhood!)

Hello cruel world!

My pal and coworker Kitty on a Scooter has convinced me that I cannot judge the Web 2.0 world without first jumping into the deep end of the pool and take this blogging thing out for a spin.  I know that she's right (I mean, look how much respect I have for people who want to ban books, movies, or music without reading, viewing, or hearing the works in their entirety … (In case there's any doubt … I have NO respect for a crowd of that ilk).  As I launch into this venture, though, I have grave concerns that I really don't have much to say.  In the Web 2.0 world, do you actually matter as a "content producer" if you are creating drivel that is of no interest to anyone else?  It certainly exciting to see my words our there on the big 'ole Internet, but well … it seems to me to be a lot like singing in your shower.  At any rate here I go … singing like nobody's listening … dancing like nobody's watching … scratching like … well never mind …

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5 thoughts on “Hello world. I have arrived … (There goes the neighborhood!)

  1. That is the thing with having a blog – a lot of people read and do not comment. Then you have those moments where people are engaged. I am still not sure about how much of my content matters. But that is ok. It matters to me and I know that my friends (on the internet and in the "3-d" world) care. It is a strange to have an "online" presence but something I have not regretted since I have started it.

  2. Not that you're asking, lol, but I'll tell you what someone told me recently. Blogging is just an online journal. If you don't want anyone to see you don't have to let them see. I think you'll find that it's really kind of fun though. You're probably a whole lot more interesting than you think and the more groups that you join, the more people will respond to you. It all just kind of clicks. BUT, that being said, blogging is really, mostly for YOU!
    BTW… It's really good to have you here! 🙂

  3. I find great value in singing in the shower.The difference is, online, someone else might be singing the exact same song as you and appreciate the connection or your song might remind them of another song and start a conversation or the tile in your shower might offend them in some unintentional way and start a great debate or maybe they sing your song in a different language or maybe they look nothing like you or live in no way similar to you but this song, your song, their song, has brought you somehow closer to the world at large.I find great value in singing in the shower. Even if no one hears you, you're still living out loud.

  4. welcome to blogging world, david.i had the same questions when i first started my blog – but you'll be surprised at how it opens doors to meeting others that have similar interests … and those who are on the opposite end of the spectrum. the scope in which the web allows you to connect to other readers/bloggers are endless. and you never know who will be touched, affected,offended, inspired, etc etc.. by your words. and that level of openness is both exhilirating and intriguing.i'm a fairly new blogger too…so im still trying to figure out the proper content i can use in my writing. but ive realized that once i just let myself go.. i get more responses/comments from others telling and sharing me their own experiences that relate to my post.its really great!keep writing!

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